Our Mission and Vision

Right to Die and Death With Dignity


SCL HealthGroup disseminates current information and educational materials about self-determined end of suffering and life, as well as other end of life issues to interested groups, scholars and individuals on request;

We facilitates international conferences on end of life issues to promote cooperation between, and support to, member societies; and to utilize the experience and expertise of professionals already lawfully assisting people to die to foster our global aims;


Silver Corporation Ltd Society wishes to see a world in which all people have the right to die with dignity, peacefully and without suffering; are able to make their own choices about death while taking into account the reasonable interests of others;      and are able to make their well-considered end of life decisions in a safe and peaceful environment supported by the law.

Compassion and Choices

Because death is unavoidable and there is an increasing belief across the world that people should be able to choose the timing and manner of their death, the World Federation of Right to Die Societies has been established to ensure that everyone has the right to die with dignity, peacefully and without suffering.

Silver Corporation Ltd Health group believes that regardless of their nationalities, professions, religious beliefs, and ethical and political views all those who fully appreciate the consequences of carrying out their wish to die and who take into account the reasonable interests of others should have access to a peaceful death at the time of their choice.

Silver Corporation sees a world where;

-requested, assists interested groups and individuals to establish Right to Die Societies in countries where such societies do not currently exist; supports requests for publicity

-seeking activities including civil disobedience in the countries of the member societies;

-links networks of lawyers interested and involved in this area of law with the aim of sharing experiences and expertise from court cases which can be used by member societies in situations of juridical examination to draft new laws or change assisted dying laws.

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