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SILVER CORPORATION (SILVER GROUP) is a group of professional and researchers on the value of life and death. SILVER GROUP was founded on 02 July 2004 in New York . Our group pursues no commercial interests whatsoever, has in accordance with its constitution the objective of ensuring a life and a death with dignity for its members and of allowing other people to benefit from these values

SILVER GROUP pursues these objectives by assisting its members/friends everywhere in word within the limits of the possibilities available to the association and as appropriate in individual cases. In accordance with this purpose the activities of SILVER GROUP comprise, amongst others:

To live with dignity – To die with dignity, the Swiss self-determination, autonomy and dignity group. We are a not-for-profit member’s society which advocates, educates and supports for improving care and choice in life and at life’s end. Our advisory concept of combining palliative care, suicide attempt prevention, advance directives and assisted dying offers a basis for decision-making to shape life until the end.

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To live with dignity – To die with dignity is a not-for-profit member society and its articles of association make provision for reduction or even complete exemption from having to pay fees for members in modest economic circumstances. However, there are significant other costs, emotional distress and more which people in the UK (and in other countries that still prohibit freedom of choice at life’s end) have to bear. Extensive research has been done on the true costs and consequences, and a report published.

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At first I did not really trust this but as the saying goes, I just took a leap of faith and now my grandma is in peace!


My order came through and I am very grateful about that. Thanks very much Silver. John